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Champneys Henlow


• I don't remember my login details to the member portal.
JOB-AID: How to reset your password on the member portal
• I am able to enter the member portal but I can't open any of the active tools (e.g. CentralREZ, REZMedia or REZtoMarket).
The most common reason for this is that you are using Google Chrome as your internet browser, which will block pop-ups on the Member Portal by default.
JOB-AID: How to allow pop-ups on the member portal (Google Chrome)
• I need to close out a date.
JOB-AID: How to close availability for your hotel on CentralREZ
• I need to create a promotion.
JOB-AID: How to set up a promotion in CentralREZ
• I need to create a negotiated rate.
JOB-AID: How to create a negotiated rate in CentralREZ



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